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Litchfield Villa - Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY

Luke Constantino | January 23, 2010

Prospect Park, a beautiful place to go jogging, walk the dog or just enjoy yourself. There are many historical sites throughout the park like Litchfield Villa.

Litchfield Villa - Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY

Litchfield Villa was build before Prospect Park existed on a hill (named “Grace Hill, after his wife), It stands 280 feet above sea level. This one square mile parcel of land was purchased by Edwin Litchfield, a railroad magnate and real estate developer in 1852. It extended all the way down to the Gowanus Canal.

Litchfield Villa is now the headquarters for of the NYC Department of Parks and offices of the Prospect Park Alliance. In 1911 and addition was added. A two story annex designed by Helmle, Huberty and Hudswell. In 1966, Litchfield Villa was designated a New York City Landmark.

Luke Constantino and his dogs

I walk my dogs through the park and see Litchfield Villa almost every day. A lot of New Yorkers take these beautiful historical properties around us for granted and don’t know much about them. I believe everyone should take a little time to learn about the beautiful things around us.

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